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we are now fully engaged, the speaker and i, with the one person in america out of 307 million people who can sign a bill into law. >> leaders from both sides of the aisle say they have the president's ear this evening as they are talking debt ceiling. hello, i'm bruce johnson. thanks for joining us this saturday. president barack obama is meeting at this hour in the white house with democratic leaders harry reid and nancy pelosi. republican leaders john boehner and mitch mcconnell indicate they're also talking to the president at this hour. boehner and mcconnell are predicting the impasse over a debt ceiling bill will soon end, all this after the republican-controlled house today rejected senator reid's plan to raise the debt ceiling. jessica stone begins our coverage tonight. >> it's not suspended and the
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bill is not passed. >> reporter: the republican-controlled house rejected senate majority leader harry reid's plan to raise the debt ceiling even before the senate could take up the bill. democrats aren't giving up on the plan which would cut $2.4 trillion in spending over 10 years and give the president the ability to raise the debt ceiling in three steps. >> and i think you'll see the reid plan become the basis for the final deal which will pass on monday night. >> reporter: reid's bill faces an uphill battle in the senate. 43 republican senators signed a letter saturday rejecting the measure, calling it reckless. it requires the backing of at least seven republicans to clear a test vote scheduled for 1:00 sunday morning. >> we know the reid proposal will not pass the senate. we know it will not pass the house, and my view is we ought to end that charade and get serious. >> reporter: the president says he wants a bill on his desk by tuesday. >> the time for compromise on behalf of the american people is now. >> reporter: congress pledges
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to work through the weekend. if both sides can't come to an agreement by tuesday, though, the government says it won't be able to pay all its bills. that could not only hurt the economy, but jeopardize social security checks and veterans benefits. soldiers on the front lines in afghanistan asked the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff if they'll get their paychecks if the nation defaults. president obama is keeping a close eye on negotiations. he called democratic leaders back to the white house for more talks this afternoon. jessica stone for cbs news, washington. >> senate republican leader mcconnell said he had spoken late this afternoon with president barack obama and vice president joe biden. boehner and mcconnell says the president still needs to indicate what kind of package he will sign. he said discussions on that were still taking place. the impasse up on capitol hill is creating a secondary effect on big businesses throughout the washington area. many are now having to implement a contingent plan in --
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contingency plan in case of a no deal by tuesday. we explain on capitol hill why this is taking a toll on local markets. >> reporter: bruce, still the same, not a whole lot of activity up here, not one that's leading towards a solution, at least. now business leaders here in washington say they're getting ready to take a hit, one that they're describing as an embarrassment to washington. nine of the 15 counties in the country, the top ones are here, this really is embarrassing and it's a travesty because it's going to make money more expensive for those counties and those counties have never had any problem. >> reporter: jim dinegar is the ceo for the greater washington board of trade. he says as the time winds down toward a debt default on tuesday, business leaders in the washington area are growing frustrated and concerned of the ripple effect that a no deal will cause. dinegar explains of the $fourteen.3 debt is defaulted on, area businesses could crash and governments will take a
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serious credit hit. essentially he says business dollars will be cut forcing local governments to come to a standstill. >> on the business side of things, there are uncertainty about the ratings, will you see the maryland ratings go down, maryland, fairfax county, montgomery county ratings go down. it makes money more expensive and we'll have the effect of delaying the projects, the municipal projects. >> reporter: dinegar also said that the deadline for the business leaders, for the debt crisis not to affect them has already come and gone. he says the only way this issue could be solved, bruce, is if there's some sort of a compromise. of course there's that word again, something we already know folks up here on capitol hill are still bumping heads over. we're live on capitol hill, 9 news now. >> ken, thanks a lot. as we continue toward that august 2nd deadline, so will our coverage of the possible government default. for the latest on the debt ceiling debate, you can always log onto
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another hot steamy day here in the washington area. annie is here to tell us if we should expect that for the rest of the weekend. hi, annie. haven't seen new a while. >> good to see you bruce. you mentioned you were out riding your bike. it is hot out there. we did get up to 97 degrees today. the average is 88 degrees. wouldn't that feel nice? the record is 99, sow we were two degrees from tying that. no 100s today, that's the good news, right? live doppler radar in the d.c. area and around the beltway, it is dry. but john mccain showers and storms, generally south of us we may see storms popping up. right now we are fairly quiet but you can see to the west and south, these storms tracking closer and closer to basically the coast. so if you're south of town, may see some -- you may see some thunderstorms coming through. keep your eyes to the sky if you're heading out for dinner right now. still hot out there, 96 in downtown, 93 in leesburg. hagerstown 91 and cumberland cooling down in the upper 80s.
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we factor in those dew points and the humidity, it feels like mid-90s in downtown. so for the rest of this evening, if you've got dinner plans, not a bad night, clear skies and mild, an isolated storm possible and generally south of town lows will be 65 to 75 degrees. i've got your full seven-day forecast coming up a little bit later. back to you, bruce. >> thanks, annie. in norway today, several of the country's best-known artists performed at a memorial concert to honor the victims of the bomb blast. hundreds gathered outside of oslo's theater to listen to the concert. families of the 77 victims and rescue personnel were invited to attend the event. memorial sites sprung up across the capital to pay tribute to the victims. still ahead on 9 news now on this saturday, redskins fans get a glimpse of what the team will look like this year as the burgundy and gold have their first open practice. we'll take you there. the experiment on a generation full of kids.
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>> actor matt damon, he's offering education at a rally here in washington d.c. coming up our brittany moorhouse interviews the star one on one.
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american college student amanda knox is back in a courtroom in italy this weekend, fighting to get out of jail. her defense team is providing experts who say much of that crucial evidence used to convict her is flawed. anna is in italy with the latest. >> reporter: it was a battle in
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the pergugia courtroom as attorneys challenged experts who strongly criticized dna evidence used to convict knox of murder. on monday the two court-appointed experts testified that the dna evidence was unreliable and possibly tainted. knox was convicted of murdering and sexually assaulting her roommate, 21-year-old british exchange student meredith kircher. with her throat slit and her body partially naked. knox was sentenced to 26 yeared, her ex-boyfriend to 25. a third man, drifter rudie guday was also convicted. knox' mother said it was a good day for the defense. >> even though the prosecution tried to trip up the experts, they stood firm to their conclusions and their report. >> reporter: at the center of the dispute is a kitchen knife that prosecutors say is the murder weapon, alleging it contains knox' dna on the handle and kircher's on the blade. but in their review, the experts said no blood had been found on
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the knife, nor could it be proven that it contained kircher's dna. the experts also questioned another key piece of evidence, a clasp from kircher's boy said to contain other dna, saying that too may have been contaminated. in all the experts claim more than 50 errors and said the forensics team's work did not meet international standards. there was a lot of tension in the courtroom and the two sides at times seemed to be bickering as a judge tried to immediate 80 between the prosecutors -- mediate between the prosecutors and the experts. meanwhile, amanda knox remains in jail. >> she's frustrated now because there's a delay and she has to sit in the heat in jail while everybody else goes on vacation. it's very frustrating. >> reporter: the trial will resume in september when the head of the original forensics team will be heard. coming up on 9 news now, a historic fraternity celebrates a huge milestone at howard
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university this weekend. and the packing major star power. annie. >> if you have dinner plans tonight, not a bad night, still kind of hot out there, but i've got your full weekend forecast coming up along with a look at those storm chances and i have the beach and boating forecast. right now in d.c. it's 96 degrees. i've got your full forecast after the break.
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thousands of teachers from across the current are in d.c. -- across the country are in d.c. this weekend. they've joined forces for a save the schools rally today just outside of the white house. the event featured famous advocates in the world of education and one famous actor, matt damon. brittany moorhouse was able to sit down and talk to the star about his own history teacher. this is a story you'll only see on 9 news now. >> reporter: his first introduction to teachers gathering outside the white house sums up matt damon's appreciation for them. he takes photos of them. so i asked him, do you have a message for the teachers?
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>> hang in there, yeah. >> reporter: judging by this turnout, they are. this save the schools rally features big names in the education community. >> raise hope with education. >> reporter: diane rasich, jonathan kosel, a teacher- turned poet molly taylor. >> objection overlapped. -- overruled. >> reporter: while he speaks for himself, his own fame is because of teachers. >> i just want them to know there are millions and millions of regular people who deeply appreciate what they do with their lives and know that this country would be a mess without them, so that's what. >> reporter: do you have a personal view? >> this is one of them. this is my history teacher from high school, larry. so i asked larryaronson myself. >> teachers had a huge say over our curriculum in what we were doing and not without evaluation. we were assessed, but we had a great voice in what we were doing as teachers.
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>> reporter: and today they're trying to find that voice. >> who's school? >> our school! >> we're standing up for every child's right to a quality, public education. >> reporter: as this boss, mom and teacher puts it before introducing her famous son. damon tells me what he was thinking about when he wrote this speech. >> i feel more and more appreciative everyday for the teachers i had, and the older i get, the more and more it sinks in how lucky i was, and i want that for every kid. >> reporter: which is why he's here today, he says. >> we thank you and we will always have your back. >> reporter: and why he plans to be here tomorrow for tomorrow's teachers. brittany moorhouse, 9 news now. >> how's this for a footnote? brittany says matt damon's teacher also taught here in the district at cardoze a high school in the northwest. the makers of a megasci-fi making a milestone at howard
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university. the fraternity is celebrating its 100th anniversary at the college where it all started. in 1911, omega si fi became the first african-american frat founded at a historical black dlej the reverend jesse jackson and shaquille o'neal are among those who have become huge. >> quite the lineup there. >> it's a great lineup, and i'm tellin' ya, annie, it's a great frat, the kappas were founded earlier, more prestigious and bigger people and you work with. good kappa man. hey, good weather to be out there. you were out there biking and it was too much for you? >> i was kind of hot. >> you're kind of a wimp because dew points in the 50s and 60s compared to 70s and 80s. >> i'm a wimp, i'm not tough enough >> i was thinking today, hey, it's not too bad.
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i'm really acclimated to the washington d.c. summer here where it's been very hot again today, but not as bad as yesterday as we went to 104 in downtown. today, though, getting up into the mid- to upper 90s. we love you, bruce, not a wimp. right now temperatures around d.c.96. atlantic city 92. even new york city not too bad at 89 degrees, if you have plans in the big apple there, a little cooler compared to the d.c. area. right now looking at the beltway. 97 in rockville, but gaitersburg cooling down. reston 89 and davidsonville 93 degrees at this hour. dew points can be our friends. they're in the 50s and 60s, a big improvement compared to, you know, 70ed and quate -- 70s and 80s we have seen in the last couple of weeks. 70s we're talking oppressive, but 60s uncomfortable or sticky and some areas in the 50s. we can deal with that. live doppler right now, it's quiet around the beltway, but look to the south and west. we got some showers and storms popping up. those will be possible through
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this evening as this line of storms comes through, again, tracking south of the area. around d.c., i think we should be fine tonight. so if you have dinner plans and out on the town, you should be pretty good. it stays hot, though, with at least 90-degree temperatures. warm tonight. now, tomorrow we're on track to be in the 90s as well. that would be the 14th straight day of at least 90-degree heat. july is turning out to be the hottest month ever because of a string of high temperatures this month. monday, as we start august, it's going to be hot again. so here's a look at your 9 futurekaps where we could see sop popup showers and thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon and evening once again. and then on monday, though, we'll see more sunshine and maybe some more storms coming through to the north and heading south because of a little weak cold front coming through. but we're not going to cool down a whole lot on monday. tonight clear skies and mild, an isolated storm possible. again, generally south of town. the winds will be light. overnight we'll be a little cooler compared to this morning's low in the 80s around downtown. mid-70s, leesburg 70, even
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60s up to the north and western suburbs. cull pepper, you'll cool down to 70 degrees. so in the morning tomorrow, mostly sunny and comfortable. air quality looking good, code yellow which is moderate. in the afternoon mostly sunny and hot, isolated thunderstorms are possible, highs will be 92 to 97 degrees. around town mid-90ed, kulpepper 93 and packs river you're lowing up into the lower 90s. beach forest, ocean city, plenty of sun, maybe a slight chance for a shower or storm, 90 degrees and then for bethany beach, a little cooler in the upper 80s. here's a look at your seven-day forecast. so 94 for sunday, monday mid-90s and we're going to be in the 90s the next several days. thursday we may get down to the upper 80s, close to 90 degrees. but we are finishing off the month of july with very hot temperatures once again. so no record-breaking heat, at least this weekend. >> she hasn't been here all week, all summer really, filling in for topper. >> good to see you guys. >> the redskins, do we know these players? >> there's a lot of new faces
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on this team. we'll hopefully get to know them soon and hopefully for all the right reasons, but that's what training camp is for. training camp opened today for fans and they got to meet those unfamiliar faces for the first time. hear from mike shanahan on how he thinks camp is progressing and meet the new qb in camp as well. the nats have certainly been busy before the trading and more coming up next in sports. 
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yesterday in ashburn it was all about introductions for players and coaches. today it was the fans' turn to learn all those new faces in the burgundy and gold, the first day they could attend training camp, get autographs and stock up on some redskins gear. but there's still only a limited roster on the field because of the terms agreed to he end of the lockout. the veteran free agents can't suit up, you can see them there
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in the gray t-shirts. they can stand on the sidelines and watch. but despite the lack of many camps and off season workouts that we're used to, coach mike shanahan says he is pleased with his team's first two days. >> it's a learning curve just like otas, 14, 17 workouts, you know, it's a lot of workouts before you get into camp. they don't have the ability to do that. so there are going to be some mistakes, but i thought for the first couple of days we had two good practices and hopefully we can continue to get better. >> and there's another qb at camp. the redskins signed undrafted rookie mark verika out of uva. he's not another mike shanahan i-have-faith-in him guys. he's there to make sure the others don't wear out their arms in camp. now it's the nationals turn to do trading and dealing. they have been busy today. with a couple of hours until game time, we got word the nationals traded marquise to arizona. in return they get minor league
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short stop zach walters. the nationals signed marquise to a deal in 2010, but missed most of the season with elbow injuries. this year he has been pretty solid with an 8-5 record. he was tonight's scheduled starter. instead, nationals fans will get maya who was called up just in case. the nats also unloaded utility player hairston, jr for minor league outfielder samatu. he will fill the lead after injuries. to the orioles, chris tillman, o's and the bronx taking on the yankees, bottom of the 4th, game tied at 2 until nick swisher unties it. two-run homer, 4-2 yankees. and then in the next inning they blow wide open, up 7-2. chris dickerson singles to left. eric chavez scores, yankees win 8-3. the first semifinal of the city open in college park, harp pier struggling early, first set
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pier was down two breaks and never recovered. after that pier would rebound. on set point on the second she served the eighth and she would go on to win the third set and win the match 3-6, 7-6, 6-4. finals tomorrow up in college park. so hopefully they'll have good weather for it. >> they should, yeah. thanks for watching. the cbs evening news is next. we'll see you back here at 11:00. ♪
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